Tips for Hiring the Right DJ

- A good DJ company charges between 500 to 750 dollars, Depending on what services you require, such as: extra milage out of town, any additional hours, and dressing up in a tuxedo, these may be added into the cost of hiring your DJ. Basic dances are usually 4 hours in duration.

- Hiring a DJ by the best price available has several disadvantages. Chances are likely you will end up getting a DJ with little or no experience. In other words, it is possible they will not know how to handle a nervous person in the wedding party, or a slow dance floor. At Bridge City Music Services, our DJ's are professionally trained and have years of experience in the industry. Our DJ's are prepared to get your guests out on the dance floor by playing interactive games if and when warranted.

- Your DJ should be professional. Your DJ should pride himself in his appearance, sticking mainly to a shirt, tie and dress pants. On a more gala-type occasion, showing up in a tuxedo is the ultimate compliment a DJ can pay towards the guests. Dressing up in a t-shirt and jeans for your wedding is not professional.

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